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Mason and Patrick  
Hometown:  New York, NY

KATE: In THROWN A CURVE, ex-Yankee Mason re-unites with Patrick, with whom he had a steamy encounter last summer. They both play baseball in the Rainbow League. (THROWN A CURVE is book 2 in the series.) Let’s ask both these heroes some questions.

KATE: Which do you prefer—baseball or football?
PATRICK: Baseball.
MASON: Is there another sport?

KATE: Do you believe in love at first sight?
PATRICK: Well, I mean—
MASON: Please. When we first met, you just wanted to get in my pants.
PATRICK: Same goes. But I know I’m irresistible, darling. I would just like to say, though, that when I first saw you, I thought you had something special.
MASON: In my pants?
PATRICK: No, I… well, yeah, in your pants.

KATE: Does sex mean love and marriage?
PATRICK: *laughs*
MASON: Come on, it’s a serious question.
PATRICK: Oh, sure. And the first time we did it, did you think you’d be proposing?
MASON: Not exactly.
PATRICK: Look, here’s the thing. I’ve had sex with a lot of dudes. I mean, a lot. And you have, too.
MASON: Ugh, don’t remind me.
PATRICK: Sometimes sex is just two consenting adults having a good time. With their pants off.
MASON: But sometimes…
PATRICK: Well, honey, with you, it’s something else. Something really great. Amazing. Transcendent!

KATE:  What attracted you first to the other guy?
MASON: Well, Patrick’s not like any guy I’ve ever been with before.
PATRICK: That’s because you used to date meatheads. Which I am not.
MASON: That’s a good thing. And you’re so… colorful.
MASON: I mean, the tattoos and the piercings and the hair. I like all of that. You’re really sexy, you know that?
PATRICK: Thanks, honey! Do you think I would freak people out if I dyed my hair brown for the wedding?
MASON: No one would recognize you.
PATRICK: That’s why I’d do it. Anyway, you’re not like any guy I’ve ever dated, either. For one thing, you’re the only one who’s been on the cover of People magazine.
MASON: You’re never going to get over that, are you?
PATRICK: It’s really cool. Also, you’re all athletic and stuff, but you’re also really sweet. I like that about you.
MASON: Thanks.

KATE:  If you have sex on the first date, would you respect the hero in the morning?
MASON: Well, considering we…
PATRICK: I mean, we weren’t even really dating yet. Between you, me, and the men’s room stall.
MASON: Did you respect me afterwards.
PATRICK: Oh, yeah. More than ever. That first time was so hot.
MASON: Same for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
PATRICK: There’s a men’s room right over there. What do you say to us recreating the memory?
MASON: Uh, well, let’s finish the interview first.

KATE: Give us a mini synopsis of your story.
PATRICK: As you may have already gleaned, the story is basically just that we met in a bar, were instantly attracted to each other, and then totally did it in the men’s room.
MASON: Then we spent, what, eight months thinking about each other?
PATRICK: Yes. Then we met again, but you had some issues to work through before we could really be happy together.
MASON: I had issues? Not you, too?
PATRICK: Next question.

KATE:  Give us a mini-bio of your author.
PATRICK: Kate writes gay romances. Our book is her twelfth novel.
MASON: Wow! That’s a lot. Kate also edits nonfiction, knits, plays the violin, and is also clearly an avid fan of the greatest sport on earth.
PATRICK: Hockey?
MASON: Ignore him. Kate lives in Brooklyn with two cats.
PATRICK: We should get a cat!
MASON: We’ll talk about it.

Kate McMurray
Smart, Savvy, Sexy Romance


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