Saturday, July 4, 2015


RWA/NYC wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July.
In celebration of the holiday and the launch of our
"When Sparks Fly" Contest,
we have invited some of our members to share with us excerpts or articles about making those Sparks Fly.  Happy Reading.♥  

by Chloe Blaque


Before I closed the door, Marco stepped into my field of vision and grinned. “So, you don’t work at the café?”

Those dark eyes were so close that my brain skipped.

“No.” I gulped. My fingers itched to skim over the tattoos on his arms. Without the counter in between us, I could tell that his upper body was cut to perfection. I expected his lower body was even more powerful. My skin heated and my heart thumped, a sensation I hadn’t felt in literally years—attraction. No directors, no grips, no script, just pure sexual magnetism between a man and a woman.

“I like your cakes,” he said. I wondered if he was being cheeky, the word “cakes” a euphemism for butt cheeks in the States.

“Grazie,” I said, trying to keep my gaze from roaming all over his body. His smile was dazzling.

“You spoke Italian at the café. It’s pretty good.”

“It’s probably because of my Spanish.”

“Ahhhh. But you’re American, si?” he said as his gaze searched my face.

“Yes. Puerto Rican, actually,” I said, gripping the door a little harder. He filled the doorway, blocking out everything else but him.

A production assistant shouted for Marco. They were starting his segment. He whipped his head toward the PA and then turned back to me, his eyes intense. “I will see you later, yes?”

See him later? The audacity of this guy. To assume that just because he was a celebrity, and smoking hot, that I would sleep with him. And he’s engaged.

“I’m not interested,” I said firmly. All I needed was a whiff of a scandal, and boom. Life over.

His brow furrowed. “In the kids or me?”

Kids? What kids?

The PA called for him again, and he leaned toward me. His cologne smelled amazing. “I will see you tonight,” Marco said and walked off.♥


SUMMARY:  TV personality Josie left the glam of L.A. behind for a quieter life in London. That is, until she runs into celebrity footballer Marco who can't resist her sultry ways. The Italian soccer god has his pick of women–and he wants Josie. But will Josie's X-rated secret ruin her new life...and his?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Chloe Blaque writes non-fiction culture pieces by day and Erotic Multicultural Romance by successful playboys who can’t get enough. Sparks fly when they crash into love all over the world, always when they least expect it. When Chloe isn’t writing, she can be found sipping red wine, reading someone else’s lusty novel, and pounding the pavement in her hometown of New York City.
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