Saturday, December 19, 2015


RWA/NYC wishes to add a little romance into your holiday season.
Join us this week as we showcase our member authors and their Favorite Things!
Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

Favorite Things!
by Ruth A. Casie

Without a doubt, my favorite thing for the holiday is gathering the family. Our three children are grown and on their own. They call almost daily on their way home from work. It’s really funny. When they get to their driveway the conversation ends… to be continued tomorrow.
Our two daughters and their families live nearby. We live in New Jersey. Our son lives in Boston. To accommodate everyone’s schedule we unceremoniously move holidays to a convenient weekend. That Saturday everyone moves back home.

We watch ‘the game’ (whichever is on), go out to the park (it’s across the street) and toss or kick a ball around. More recently we’ve been playing the Wii. Everyone, including the grandchildren, take a turn at tennis, boxing, or their favorite, bowling. Everyone helps make a big dinner although the menu never seems to change. We stay up late to talk and eat. Everyone is exhausted and full by the time we get to bed, but somehow can manage French toast for breakfast. After breakfast everyone leaves.

I’m thankful for the quiet when they leave but look forward to the tumult of their next visit. The special time with my children and their families, when I have them all to myself, is my favorite thing.♥    

ABOUT THE AUTHOR RUTH A. CASIE:  I’ve always had stories in my head.  Not too long ago, my family and friends encouraged me to share them. Now, rather than writing corporate communications and marketing materials I’m writing the novels I love to read, historical fantasies and contemporary romances, about strong empowered women and the men who deserve them. I hope their adventures become some of your favorite stories. Please visit me at or visit me on my Facebook page, @RuthACasie, Twitter, @RuthACasie, and on Pinterest RuthACasie. Please sign up for my monthly newsletter

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