Thursday, February 18, 2016


Let’s talk about love! RWA/NYC members share their thoughts on romance in celebration of Valentine’s Day.   

By Michelle Alerte

Who doesn’t love, love! For me, the best part is watching the effect it has one a person. The way in which someone grows to become a better version of themselves while experiencing the light of someone’s affection. And what is romance? Romance, is in the little things. Romance flourishes when your love takes the time to craft a moment that is special just for you. Something that says, “I see you and I get you.”

In my romance, A PROMISE WORTH MAKING, Rachelle isn't someone who goes with the flow. Like at all. So when she meets Nicolas, a hero willing to wear his heart on his sleeve, no part of her is willing to let him love her. But, through the little moments, the small details, Nicolas is able to help her blossom. Watching Rachelle moves from closed and guarded to warm and open made me love her even more.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Ever since stumbling upon my first romance while searching for God knows what in my mother's closet I’ve been in love with hero’s, heroines, and happy ever afters. I was immediately pulled in by the sexy man and the fainting waif of a heroine on the cover. When not working as a contributing author for several magazines and blogs, I'm usually at museums, plays, or being active in the great outdoors –- when the New York weather allows for it. I'd love to hear from each and every one of you. Find me on Facebook, My Author Website, or Twitter.

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