Monday, January 22, 2018


There are all kinds of marketing techniques discussed all over these days, but not this one. I call it “passive” marketing because you’re not out there screaming “buy my book” or waving it in people’s faces. One of my favorite passive marketing methods, if you’re writing series, involves paperback books.

On the back cover of my paperbacks, I put pictures of the covers for the other books in the series. They are small, especially if there are many, but they advertise the other books in your series. This is especially helpful at conferences, signings and other events, where readers are handling your books.

When a reader picks up your book, the first question may be, “How many books in the series?” or “What’s the next book in the series?” or “Are all the books in the series out now?”

With the pictures of the covers on the back cover of each book, the reader can simply flip the book over to get the answers to those questions in a jiffy. The pictures of the covers passively advertise your work for the life of the paperback.♥

PART 2:  Look for Jean's Self-Pubbing Tips and Tricks: Passive Marketing Part 2 next Monday, January 29.

Jean Joachim is an award-winning, multi-published author of contemporary and military romances, of romantic suspense and sweet romances. Visit her at


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