Monday, August 31, 2020



by Jean Joachim

This award-winning small press is international with editors in Canada and the United Kingdom. The Wild Rose Press (TWRP) puts books in ebook and print (for books of 45,000 words or more). They print locally, using print on demand, but not audio, at the moment.

While they’ve had mostly murder mysteries and erotic romance submitted during the pandemic, they also publish women’s fiction, sci fi, historical fiction, historical romance (and not just in the Regency period), sweet romance, romantic comedy, historical comedy, and cozy mysteries, in addition to romance across all genres. They have published a handful of children’s books.

Currently, they do not accept cookbooks, memoirs, inspirational romance. inspirational fiction, or poetry.

How to submit? Electronically. There is a submit page on their website. Submit a query note, synopsis, and the first five pages of your manuscript. You should hear back in 45 days if they want to see more of the manuscript. Then it will take another sixty days to get a reply to that.

If you get a contract and submit a “clean” manuscript, it will take about 6-9 months for your book to be published. If it needs more editing, it can take up to a year.

TWRP does take foreign rights for five years, and they have some books in translation in foreign language.  They do not pay advances, and no agent is necessary. Submit directly to the publisher.

They publish gay and other books by diverse authors across all their lines, instead of having a separate line for each. They do publish series. Their royalty rates are confidential, but are competitive with other publishers. They buy all rights for five years.
Just a personal aside here:  I’ve watched TWRP for the past 10 years. They are one of the few small presses to produce quality books and stick around year after year. Here are a few reasons why they survive while others fold. They have these specialties to create author interest and attract readers:

“One Scoop or Two” – is a series of short stories that involve ice cream! This series was created for summer beach reads. An anthology of all the stories they’ve published in this series is coming out soon.

Wylder Historical Western Series – this is a series created by TWRP. Authors pick one or two characters and write a book about them that’s set in the same town. Once you pick your characters, you’re locked in. This series is very popular. Authors promote each other to boost sales.

Write Advice – they also provide publishing services either as a package or a la carte. You can get editing services, cover design, formatting, all the pieces of the self-publishing puzzle for separate fees, or buy a self-publishing package and they will get it done for you. This is another service that sets them apart from other small presses.

Under “events” on their website, there is a link to the Weekly Free Chat room, where they host chats every Tuesday night at 8:00pm.  The chats range from writing tips to marketing advice.

 They also offer a workshop called, “Where does the story start?” that helps authors begin their books in the right place.

They do not offer promotional services – most authors these days have to take care of that themselves, whether they publish traditionally or self-publish.  ##

Jean Joachim is an award-winning author of contemporary books.  Visit her at