Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I am incredibly proud of my local RWA Chapter. RWA/NYC, Chapter #6 of RWA, is 26 years strong and populated with wonderful, inspiring writers. This year has seen some amazing success by many of our members on numerous fronts – certainly worthy of joyous celebration in and of itself. We’ve had first sales, multiple sales, awards won, terrific reviews garnered, manuscripts completed, and much, much more. Too, our members are not just writers, but they are professionals. In these tumultuous times, they have embraced new technology and forged into the 21st century to learn new ways to bring stories to the voracious reading public. Beyond these inspiring individual achievements, however, our members continue to be supportive of their Chapter-mates in myriad ways. The generosity of spirit among the Chapter membership is truly humbling.

But we are part of a large, energetic sphere of talented people who have made our genre the most successful one in the world of popular fiction, from page to reading screen, and beyond. So this is a perfect time for RWA/NYC to give a tip of the hat in celebration to those people.

I am pleased to announce here the recipients of the RWA/NYC 2012 Golden Apple Awards. We give these awards to pay tribute to the different players in the romance publishing industry who deserve recognition for their support of, and contributions to, our boisterous business. So, without further ado, here are the Award winners, who will be fêted at our annual Awards gala in September. Please join me, and all of the members of RWA/NYC, in applauding their work:
Eloisa James

Lifetime Achievement: Eloisa James, Author

Publisher of the Year: Secret Cravings Publishing

Editor of the Year: LaToya Smith, Grand Central Publishing

Agent of the Year: Louise Fury, Lori Perkins Agency

Author of the Year: Jean Joachim

Bookseller of the Year: WORD Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY

Librarian of the Year: Corinne Neary, Jefferson Market Branch, NYPL
Media Source of the Year: Romantic Times Books Reviews

My thanks to these Honorees for all you do.

Lise Horton
President, 2012


  1. Lise - Thanks for all you do...

  2. It's a pleasure to be part of such a great and giving crowd of talented folk. If you are a writer out there in the Big Apple area, looking for a terrific home where we understand that you hear voices in your head - and talk back to them (!), look us up. You'll be motivated, inspired, educated, supported and you'll make great friends.