Wednesday, February 10, 2010


By Mageela Troche

As a writer, reading is the second most important habit I can have.

Libraries have always been a safe haven for me, where the various worlds awaited me to discover them like a modern day Columbus. When I step into a bookstore, effervescent bubbles fizz inside my head and I don’t know where to look—this way or that way, left, right and back again until I’m a little dizzy.

I love everything about books. The weight and texture of the pages help draw me into the author’s world like Alice when she falls down the rabbit hole. The smell of the pages, both fresh and crisp from being newly printed, or musty from age, start a swirl around me. The cover and black print sharpen my eyesight and I can’t look anywhere else. Before reading the first word, the book, no matter the subject, is already luring me in, and pushing this world to the fuzzy far edges of consciousness. Yeah, reading a book is proof that magic exists. And to give that up—Never!

I wonder will an e-reader change the magic spell that happens. Living in Manhattan, I could use the apartment space since my cramp Big Apple closet is bursting with books, including A ROGUE’S PLEASURE, written by our own Hope Tarr. Will the sensations change?

Instead of paper that soaks up the warmth of my hand, my fingers will curl around a plastic piece pretending to be a book. Instead of me breathing in that special book scent, I’ll breathe in the cold fragrance of technology. Instead of the bright colors that play with my sight, I’ll only see black and white and grayscale.

Will all that lessen the magic of a book? Or will it change my life? Will my shoes finally find a place in my closet?

There was a time when I thought shopping on the Internet was not the same as strolling through the stores, stroking the fabric to spark a reaction or even to get a little exercise. Those two activities are not the same, but that doesn’t make one worst or the other better. Christmas shopping on-line certainly has saved my sanity. Will an e-reader, whether Kindle or Sony, save my space? Will the magic still swirl around me? Any one have any advice?♥

Mageela Troche has sold two stories to Dorchester’s True Love Magazine, and is most likely banging her head against her desk as she figures out ways to make things worse for her hero and heroine.


  1. Oh go ahead and take the plunge. Trust me the ease of access and the clearing of clutter is so great, you won't miss the rest! Looooove my e-reader, have a Sony. Think of this, how many times have you seen a review of a book that you wanted to read, gone to the bookstore, to find they either don't have it or have to special order it or you don't remember the book's information only vaguely that the cover is "red?"

    Now when I read a review and it sounds like something I like, I whip on over to OmniLit or AllRomance or the Sony bookstore, and within a few minutes I am reading. Totally awesome. The Queens public library also offeres e-books for free now too.

    As far as the magic and serrindiptous finding out....the e-book stores I mentioned are so good, I find the browsing experience very enjoyable. Dare I say it, I find more books that match 100% what I am looking for in e-bookstores than in mortar places. Much much more enjoybale experience overall.

    AND, Amazon and Borders/Sony will stock your independently published book, available for your readers to purchase WITHOUT going through a traditional publisher.

    Occasionally I browse the shelves of my local library, but I'm starting to get annoyed at carting books home, piling them up, collecting dust, plus late fees. And I get so pissed off at Barnes and Nobles for not having what I want and even worse, not having immediate access to blogger's opinions about books or reviews. Very disatisfying.

    The only drawback to e-books is the fact sharing them with other readers is so difficult. Not an insignificant draw back. :)
    But overall, my Sony e-reader has enabled me to have a fuller, richer reading experience.


  2. I know I'll come off as a traitor to my kind, and still I say "Deep Six the books and save room for the shoes." Your shoe shelves look glorious!

  3. I'm leaning to take the plunge. I love gadgets. Thanks Mari, for commenting. I want all the information before I slap down some bucks.

  4. I hear you Mageela, I am going through the same thing right now. I just found out you can share books with your friends for 14 days with the nook and so Iam leaning toward that one, but who knows, Amazon and the kindle scare me, feels like the scary bully in school. Let me know what you decide, I might wait till the summer.