Tuesday, October 18, 2011


By Hope Tarr

Some people put on makeup like they brush their teeth or put on clothes, which is to say every day. Some people never go near the stuff. Me, I fall somewhere in between. I wouldn’t go out for the evening without mascara, lip gloss and a smattering of powder, but I would and do frequently roll out of bed and head out for coffee with bed head and pillow creases.

Girl in the mirror--and yes, those taped up reminder notes
are mine a la "Romancing the Stone."

Jane needs no cosmetics.

But having publicity photos taken isn’t just an excuse to play princess for a day. It’s also an investment. You want to be able to use those photos for some time, perhaps years to come on your web site, press materials, social networking profiles and yes, your book jacket. If there was ever a time to put your best face forward, to strut your stuff, and to well, Work It, that time is now.

While I’m hopeless with my hair, fortunately I’m a decent hand with the war paint, as our mothers, mine at least, called cosmetics Back in The Day.

Like almost everything, when it comes to makeup, moderation is key, less is more. We still want to look like ourselves…albeit a really, really hawt version.

Next and final stop on the Princess Train: the photo retouch. Thankfully, along with the actual shooting, photo editing is your photographer’s job. A good thing, too. All this prepping, preening and posing has worn me to a nub.

NEXT WEEK: Part III -- The Retouch

Photo credit: All photos courtesy of Biz Urban
Reproduced courtesy of HopeTarr.com/Blog

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  1. Good advice. I need to touch base with Biz Urban. Thanks!