Wednesday, June 6, 2012


By Addison Fox

I think we all have a pretty good idea of what the perfect hero looks like. He’s broad shouldered and capable, understanding and slow to anger. He’s smart and well-spoken and he doesn’t take crap off of anyone.

In short….he’s not really all that similar to the human beings that populate our every day existence. Of course there are people who have those traits to one degree or another, but the odds of them having ALL of those traits – in one person - is slim.

Does that mean the heroes and heroines that populate our books aren’t worth our time? I’d argue the opposite.

As readers, we long to read about humans who are just slightly better-than-average and therefore worthy of our love, affection and 350 pages of our time. And as an author, it’s my job to bring my heroes to light in a way that presents the very best version of humanity.

What is that elusive trait, though? What is it that keeps us coming back, story after story? What makes a hero?

For me, it’s respect and understanding that underpin truly heroic behavior. I think when romance works best, it’s a story about two people who belong with each other, no matter if appearances or circumstances suggest otherwise. Nothing excites me more than to develop the traits and personality of a hero who is going to love, honor and respect my heroine exactly the way she is.

The hero of my latest release, my Pisces Warrior Drake, is dealing with this very situation. Nothing about the woman he loves is easy, including that pesky little issue that he’s immortal and she’s mortal (and that’s their easiest hurdle to overcome!) What I enjoyed in the writing of this book was how Emerson kept throwing up walls between them and Drake just patiently kept taking them down, brick by brick. He loves her and every moment they’re together, he works to make her see that.

I love the idea that the person we’re meant to be with loves us in spite of ourselves. They care about us, limitations and all. In real life, we might not all be physical models of perfection, with Einstein-like IQs, talk show host personalities and fighting instincts to rival the UFC, but we’re all loveable. And we’re all loveable to someone.

If I can express that belief in my heroes, then I can nod my head and say I wrote the strongest character I could. A hero worth dreaming about. And maybe, a character whose traits are well worth emulating.

Happy Writing!♥

Addison Fox is the author of both the Sons of the Zodiac and the Alaskan Nights series. Visit her in Texas or online at



  1. So true! Even though he's not real, I love reading about the perfect man late at night before falling to sleep.

  2. Addison, I think you summed up the appeal of your hero, and of all romance, when you say we long to read about humans who are just a bit too good to be real. Because we all dream of being better, we all dream of finding the perfect love, we all dream of living our dreams! And romance allows us to live the dream vicariously, and to keep hoping....