Monday, August 19, 2013

SIZZLE by Darcy Lundeen

August 1 – September 20


EXCERPT SET-UP:   Betsy Kincaid’s boyfriend has left her for a woman with more sexual sizzle, so Betsy turns to Matt Pollard, her good buddy’s new roommate, to help her develop the sizzle she lacks. In this excerpt, Matt has just embarked on their first lesson and is demonstrating his menu of kisses. They’ve already been through what he calls his “appetizer kiss” and are now working on his “main-course kiss.”
“This kiss is like a main course,” he said as his mouth came closer. “More intense but still not the hot-as-hell version. That one we save for dessert.”

“Dessert,” Betsy murmured.

Then his lips touched hers, pressing gently to coax her mouth open, and for a moment she forgot about dessert and willingly concentrated on the main course as the primal thing he did got more primal. He nibbled gently at her lips, then let his tongue come out to play, licking at the places he’d just snacked on until Betsy gladly opened her mouth to him. No coaxing necessary. Again, his tongue invaded—an intrepid explorer that seemed determined to know every inch of her. He did it so slowly, too, as if he would happily take days to do the job right if he had to.

“See the difference?” he asked a long time later when he finally broke the kiss but still kept his lips against hers.

“Difference?” she echoed dreamily.

Oh yes, she saw the difference. The starter kiss had turned her body into one gigantic quivering goose bump. This kiss had drenched her thong. She took a breath, almost afraid to think what his dessert kiss would do. Probably burn the skin right off her lips.

“Now the dessert kiss,” he said, and Betsy thought, Oh well, what’s a little singed flesh when measured against the benefits of higher education?
©2013 SIZZLE by Darcy Lundeen
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Darcy Lundeen has long been a writer and researcher, working on topics as diverse as multiple sclerosis and the Soviet Union (when there still was a Soviet Union). She enjoys visiting the Ancient Egyptian and Etruscan exhibits in museums, taking long walks, and concocting stories about everyday people who laugh a lot, cry a little, and ultimately find the happily-ever-after they deserve.  Her debut novel, Finding You Again, was published by The Wild Rose Press in January 2012. Her second book, Sizzle, was published by Secret Cravings Publishing in June 2013.  She can usually be found at the following sites:


  1. If I wasn't already a fan of continuing education, I sure would be after reading this. W00F! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Thanks, Mina. I'm thrilled the excerpt confirmed your love of learning. LOL. And thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

  3. Such a fun read! I hope you are busily working on your next title (tapping foot impatiently, lol).

  4. Hi, Elf. I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt and doubly glad you stopped by. Thanks so much for commenting. It means the world to me, and yes, I definitely am busily working on that next title.

  5. With a teacher like this, no one would ever quit school! Is anyone else hungry?

  6. Hi, Shirley. Glad the excerpt whetted your appetite for something maybe...oh...a little hot and spicy. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  7. Now THAT is what I call Adult Education! Where can I register for classes????