Sunday, September 8, 2013

ALMA by Vanessa Peters

August 1 – September 22


The initial chill from waiting outside for Luis had faded, yet Alma’s face was still flushed. She tried to focus in on what he was saying, as her eyes traveled over the contours of his face. 

What was he speaking of? Something about a baseball game?

Once again she’d lost track of the conversation, her own thoughts distracting her.  Alma smiled when he smiled, and he wondered what she was doing.

Just friends?  Alma thought as she watched Luis. 

Ever the artist, she followed the contour of his lashes in her mind’s eye, imagining each line required to paint his likeness.  She pictured the brush strokes for each inky lash that circled those deep chocolate eyes.  She envisioned the tiny brush, dipped in yellow ochre, and the delicate stoke needed to add the candlelight, reflected in his irises.

Stop staring and pay attentionbut Luis’ lipsoh to paint… no to taste…

Her eyes followed their tempting, rosy pink, curve.  Alma imagined the sensation of his supple flesh between her lips.  He would taste of wine.  Their kiss would deepen. She’d place her hand over the back of his head, pulling him closer; feeling the tickle of his close cropped hair under her palm.  She would let it travel, sliding along his neck and then up again with a moment’s pause just under his ear.  She’d gently tug at his earlobe, taking it between her forefinger and thumb, caressing that tip of velvet soft flesh.  He’d moan into her lips as her tongue…

“What do you think about when you stare at me like that?” Luis asked.

“Nothing.”She responded as she reached for her glass of water with a trembling hand.

© 2013  ALMA by Vanessa Peters

About the Author: Vanessa Peters is a Latina writer and artist who lives and works out of Brooklyn, New York.  She writes stories with characters that reflect the diversity of couples and love in America.  She is the author of the forthcoming novel, ALMA, a multicultural romance set in New York.  Visit Vanessa at the following sites:
Twitter:  @VPetersBKNY
Instagram:  @vpetersbkny


  1. Love the imagery. I enjoyed sharing your heroine's very active imagination!

  2. I absolutely love the use of the artistic sensibilities and sensual eye in this scene. It's always a wonderful tool to elevate a scene. Lovely, supremely sensual scene!

  3. Lord, how many times have I found myself thinking what I'd do to a fella as I'm staring at him. Luckily, I haven't been called out on it. Yet. :-)