Thursday, September 19, 2013

BLIND LOVE by Ursula Renée

August 1 – September 24


“You know nothin’ about me.”

          Shawn smiled. He had learned all he needed to know by the end of her first week on the ranch.

          “You’re a strong woman who’d never back down from a challenge. You’re also sassy and stubborn. I know everything I need to know except…” He paused as he brushed his fingers across her cheek.

          “Except…except what?” Raven’s voice faltered.

          He felt her shiver as the energy between them changed. Over the past couple of weeks, their relationship had evolved from employer and employee to friends. But, no matter what he wanted that was as far as they could go. Once they crossed the line, there would be no going back.

          “I don’t know what you look like.”

          Stray strands brushed across the back of his hand. He tucked them behind her ear, then fingered the thick braid that hung past her shoulder blades.

          “What color is your hair?”he asked, while telling himself he would back off once he created a picture of her in his mind.


          He traced the shape of her narrow eyes with his other hand. “And your eyes?”


          He examined her high cheekbones, narrow nose and full lips with his finger tips.  The more he touched her, the more he wanted. He knew he should walk away for the sake of their friendship, but he couldn’t; not when she had lips that were meant to be kissed.

          Shawn lowered his head until he could taste Raven’s lips. His hands dropped to her waist. He pulled her closer until her body pressed against his.

© 2013  BLIND LOVE by Ursula Renée
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Ursula Renée is the co-Vice President for RWA/NYC. She recently sold SWEET JAZZ, a historical romance, to The Wild Rose Press. When she is not writing, she enjoys photography, drawing and stone carving. Visit her at


  1. So sensual Ursula! Love it! And shared.

  2. Sensual, but still sweet!

  3. Agree completely with the sweetly sensual evaluation. Lovely!