Monday, December 2, 2013


by Maria C. Ferrer

The holidays are here!

That means a house full of people. Cards to mail out. (Yes, I still send out Holiday cards; more personal than a text message to those I love.) Food to cook or to shop for if you are lucky enough to get invited out instead of having people over. The tree and decorations have to be founds and strung out again. And, let‘s not forget the all important act of shopping. Presents have to be bought and wrapped, then shipped or taken to their final destination. You don‘t have time to change your clothes, much less find time to shop, cook, clean, and gift wrap.

When do you catch your breath? More importantly, when do you find time to write?! Just because it‘s the holidays, does not mean that your characters will take time off. They will be nudging you to get to their story. You won‘t be able to ignore them and you won‘t want to. What can you do?!

Keep Calm and Take Time To Write.

Get up one hour earlier every day during the holiday season to write or do some research. Even if all you do is think about your characters and plot some scenes that one hour is worth it. Disappear for an hour or two. Sit on the subway platform to get some writing done or at the local library or neighborhood Starbucks. The people in your house – yes, even the dogs! – can wait an hour until you get home and get the party started, as it where.

Keep pen and paper handy. In your pocketbook, your coat pocket, in the car, by the bed. And, make sure the pen has ink! You never know when you just HAVE to write something down. In case of emergency, napkins and post-it notes will do.

Write when you can. If you only have 30 minutes on the bus, and 15 while waiting at the car wash, and another 30 after the kids are asleep, take them. Write down what you can, when you can. Every word counts.

The Holiday Season doesn‘t have to put a stop to your writing or your creativity. Make time for yourself and your writing. That 15-minutes, that one-hour will keep you sane and motivated. Give yourself the gift of time. It‘s the best present ever.

Happy Holidays!♥

Maria C. Ferrer is President of RWA/NYC and a PRO member. She is also thankful that she doesn’t have to cook for the holidays. Maria wishes you and yours all the best now and always. Visit her at or her alter ego, Del Carmen, at

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