Thursday, February 25, 2016


Let’s talk about love! RWA/NYC members share their thoughts on romance in celebration of Valentine’s Day.   

By Vanessa Peters

As a reader, writer, and lover of the romance genre, the question of “what is romance?” is ever-present in my world.  And while I am sure most people would expect my idea of romance to be something extra-large and grandiose, romance to me is far simpler.  Anyone would swoon at idea of the epic battles won, the dragons fought or mountains traversed all in the name of love.  But romance, everyday romance is more subtle.  It comes in the simple, unadorned gestures and moments between a couple.
I’ve had days, long exhausting days, where my 9-5 has worn me thin.  But still I come home and attempt to write only to find the words are just not there.   And after several hours of feeling frustrated and drained, I drag myself into bed.  It is there in the dark questioning my ability as a writer; my husband will reach out and hold my hand until I can fall to sleep.   He knows a pep talk is not what I need in that moment.  His hand in mine, late into the night comforts me like nothing else ever could.  It chases away the monster of my own self-doubt.   He does not fight dragons for me, but instead stands beside me giving me the strength to fight them instead.              
Romance is in the love that supports and connects.   It lives in those tiny pockets of time in which there are no words and yet in a single gesture, volumes are spoken.♥   

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Born and bred in Brooklyn, Vanessa Peters is a freelance artist and writer.   She writes stories of love and romance that reflect the people and the world around her. She is currently working on her first novel.  Visit her website/blog at

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  1. Sometimes it's the seemingly small gestures that are huge.

    1. The small gestures make all the difference in the world.