Tuesday, August 6, 2013


August 1 – September 20

"I want sex on my time and on my terms," Julianne said dreamily. "I want Mr. 3JD57 to be my accessory, like an expensive watch or diamond earrings."

"You want a penis that sparkles and tells time?" Allie asked skeptically.

            Still, Julianne was pretty sure Mr. Millionaire Market 3JD57 wouldn’t respond quickly. Fine. The wait always heightened the anticipation.

She had a spare half hour between meetings, so Julianne punched in her password, and brought up her email.

3JD57 Omigod.

She moved the mouse, paused. Short term sex on her terms? Really? Or had this been an exercise in fantasy that suddenly was too real, too blatant?

She moved the mouse and clicked.

I’m interested. Tell me more. Then we’ll talk.

A rush of erotic need raced through her body. Don’t think, just – doand brief (briefs?) is better.

I’m a busy executive who wants sex when I can fit it into my schedule.

Another day went by. Definitely foreplay. She ignored Allie's calls.

Then: Send measurements.

She wrote back: Send yours, and I don’t mean your waist either.

Another day. Could you really concentrate on calculating mortgage interest when you were busy calculating the possible length of a penis of interest?

He wrote back: I’m more than big enough for you.

Julianne wrote back: I’m assuming your prime number is 36C.

He wrote: how tall?

She answered: What about you? And I don’t mean your height.

He retorted: I’m saving the best part for when we meet in person.

Now what? When? seemed too aggressive and overly eager. She didn’t want to appear eager. She wasn’t certain she was that eager.

The best part, she wrote back, will be when you meet me.

He didn’t jump – quite. But then: When?

Julianne played his game and waited a day. Next week?

Three days later he wrote back: His name was Jesse Damon. I’m always up for a good time. Let’s see if I’m up for you. Meet for lunch?

Jesse Damon. She rolled the name around her mouth and tongue.

Jessie I’m always horny Damon. Yum. Jesse, forget about lunch and just drop your pants and let me feast on your main course …
(c)  2013 SERVICE WITH A SMILE by Thea Devine

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Thea Devine's books defined erotic historical romance. She is the author of 27 erotic historical and contemporary romances and a dozen novellas. She currently working on her next erotic contemporary romance. She blogs bi-weekly Wednesdays at www.secretsof7scribes.wordpress.com. She's pleased to announce that five of her early backlist titles are available in Kindle editions. She is a RT Romance Pioneer honoree. She'll be speaking at the NJRWA conference in October.  


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