Thursday, August 22, 2013

SUGAR by Jenna Jameson and Hope Tarr

August 1 – September 20


NOTE:  Below is my sexy teaser submission from SUGAR, my hardcover debut written with Jenna Jameson (Skyhorse, October 2013):

Cole, her rescuer, surveyed her metal ice cream dish with definite disapproval. “Single scoop, plain vanilla, huh? I wouldn’t have figured you for a vanilla girl.”

The gleam in his eye told her the double entendre was entirely intended. Determined to give as good as she got, Sarah smiled back. “Every flavor has its charm. Sometimes plain vanilla is exactly what I’m in the mood for.”

He cocked his head to the side, his deep blue eyes fixing on hers. “And other times?”

Deliberately, she ran her tongue along her lower lip, savoring the last trace of sticky sweetness. “I like all the flavors.”

©2013 SUGAR by Hope Tarr and Jenna Jameson

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   RWA NYC 2013 Author of the Year, Hope Tarr, has written more than twenty historical and contemporary romances for multiple publishers including her Suddenly Cinderella series for Entangled and SUGAR (written with former AE star and NYT bestselling author, Jenna Jameson) for Skyhorse (October 2013). Hope is also a co-founder and current principal of Lady Jane's Salon (, NYC's first and still only monthly romance fiction reading series, now in its fifth year with six satellites nationwide. Visit Hope online at,, and on Twitter @HopeTarr.